Things To Check Before Doing Garage Door Repairs

Most homeowners do not take their time to check for their garage doors.They do not test the hinges nor watch out for any crack because they are in a hurry after a long and tiresome day.Your garage doors may develop a problem that may require an attention of an expert, but you may solve most of the problems on your own. It is your responsibility to look keenly what the problem is before calling for a professional. A stiff door only requires some lubrication and cleaning and this can be done by you. While doing the repair by yourself, please ensure that you unplug the door opener to avoid getting an electric shock. Also, use ladders and wear safety gears like glasses, gloves, and gumboots.

Before calling for a professional to do the repair for your garage door, ensure you clearly look and check at the following;

What to check before calling garage door repair experts

Track cleaning and drying

Old lubricant and dirt may cause the garage door to stick, and this will make the door hectic to operate. Just clean the tracks properly using the regular cleaners and then dry them well.


Track alignment checking

The garage door may refuse to work because of misalignment of the tracks or sometimes work very slowly that you are tired of. If this problem is noted, try to loosen the screws or bolts and then tap the tracks keenly back to their positions. It is not a must that you have to unscrew the tracks but what you only require is just loosening.

Do lubrication of Rollers and tracks

The garage door problem can also be required for the lubrication for it to move easily. Any movable part normally requires lubrication so that it easily moves as required. Use the silicon spray or the lubrication spray to lubricate the tracks and the rollers after properly cleaning them.

Tighten the loose screws and bolts

With time screws and bolts tend to get loose due to the movements of the garage door. Do some check- ups of the bolts and screws that are involved in the opening and the closing of your garage door. At first, you may see it as a big problem, but if you carefully tighten them, then the whole problem is solved. But if they do not become tight due to loose holes, then use the normal wood for the filling of the holes.


As a homeowner, it is your duty and responsibility to properly take care of your garage doors by having regular check- ups for the door. Maintenance requires that you clean, apply lubricants that are suitable for the maintenance and also ensuring the doors are handled with care. However, if the problem is more that what you can handle, visit this website to get the best expert repair solutions.