Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important places in every home it is regarded as the heart of a home. It is in this place where you find the families cooking, entertaining and relaxing. This planning will be very beneficial to you whenever you are remodeling or building a new home kitchen. It will help you in making smart decisions when it comes to the design phase. The kitchen is considered to be one of the most challenging and expensive room to remodel or built.

This is the room where most of the activities are carried out such as scheduling, cooking and talking. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your kitchen is comfortable, spacious, functional and attractive. A lot of work other than selecting the beautiful finishes needs to be done in making sure that your kitchen is working for your family. This means that smart decisions must be made in creating an accessible space which is safe.

These are some of the basic planning guidelines that will help you in designing your kitchen.

Space planning

Logistics is among the difficult parts when it comes to designing of your kitchen. The design of your kitchen can be overwhelming. Some limitations might arise during the remodeling process such as relocating of the existing plumbing lines. The design of the kitchen begins with taking the exact measurements of the floor space. This is followed by placing the basic elements. The following guidelines are followed when designing the various kitchen elements

Walkways and doorways

The doorway should be 32 inches wide. The swinging doors should be designed in a way such that they do not interfere with the kitchen appliances, other doors or cabinets. The kitchen’s pathways should have a width of at least 36 inches while the walkways are designed with a width of 42 inches for one cook and 48 inches for more than one cook.

Work triangle

This is a critical design concept which helps in improving the functionality of your kitchen. It achieves this by minimizing the walking distance between your refrigerator, the sink, and the main cooking surface. Each and every triangle measures nine by four ft.

Sink and dishwater

Every sink should have a landing area of 24 inches b 18 inches. The countertop of the secondary kitchen should be 3 inches he nearest dish should be located about 36 inches from the edge of the main sink. Also ensure that you leave a distance of 21 inches between your dishwasher and the other cabinets, appliances, or other obstacles.


Ventilation and Electrical

The kitchen should have at least one switch on the wall. This switch should be placed next to the entrance. Besides, a kitchen must have skylights and windows. Every work surface should have task lighting. An outdoor –ventilation system should be installed in the kitchen. It should have the capacity of pumping air at a rate 150 cubic ft per minute.